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Biorresonancia - aparatos

Accesorios para el Rayocomp
Accesorios para el Rayocomp: cups, sensores de madera, impresoras, pack de baterías, mesa modular, consolas, etc.


Protection cup with connection cable, 1.5 m
· ·
The protection cup was developed in order to transfer the so found substances or to desensitise the patient against them. It enables transfer without allowing the oscillation patterns of the attached patient or the bio-resonance device to reach the substance and pollute it. An additional effect: if you place several substances into the protection cup at the same time, they can no longer influence each other. Up to 12 different substances can be transferred at the same time. Summing up all these facts, we can say, that the use of the allergen detector together with a protection cup help to carry out safer and more reproducible applications. Both are an important contribution towards reliable measuring and successful therapy. It is equipped with a connection cable of 1.5 m length.

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Measuring cup with connection cable 1 m
· ·
For many years now, the measuring cup belongs to the standard accessories for the bio-resonance method according to Paul Schmidt. It can be used for testing single allergens or for desensitisation. It can be used as a container for taking up slides or smaller glass vessels when over-swinging the patient's own urine or blood. Rayotabs are placed into the measuring cup for energising with the required interference, applied by the bio-resonance device. It is equipped with a connection cable of 1 m length.

Número de orden: 378
Wooden sensor for Rayocomp PS 100 and PS 1000
· ·
This one-hand rod is specially developed for the Rayocomp PS 100 and Rayocomp PS 1000, for protection of the therapeutic, it is equipped with a wooden handle to avoid contact with the oscillation circle of a patient. The wooden handle has an integrated operation button to enable control of the bio-resonance device while testing and harmonising. For example, by pressing the button, the next interference can be set, or the current interference stored in the device for further analysis. These functions mean an enormous improvement of operation comfort and the time required for testing is cut down considerably. Connection cable, protection coating and spring wire included

Número de orden: 362
Printer for Rayocomp PS 100 and PS 1000
· ·
For archiving the resonances found with this test (as an addition to the index card of the patient, for example), a printed copy would be useful. This is where the printer comes into action. Only interference values found with the Rayocomps PS 100 and PS 1000 can be printed at present. The printer is delivered with a cable and a printer cartridge. The printer is already set up at works and ready for operation on delivery. The market for printers is extremely fast-moving, the single printer types only available for a short time; please understand, that we can only give details on printer type and price on request

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